Trees swaying, chipper squirrels, birds in flight, and a quiet breeze filled my thoughts this week.

Once upon a time, I embraced nature weekly. However, as time progressed I allowed work, family problems and relationship troubles tie me down. As a result, my depression took a hold of me evermore. My friends tried to take me out of that abyss. Alas, they failed. I refused to take their calls, even my best friends. I lost myself.

As the days progressed, I noticed the distance between me and the world. The feeling drained me. That’s when I noticed I needed to get help.

Resolving to improve myself, I set a goal to start exploring nature once again. This Saturday, I had the pleasure of going hiking to my sanctuary, the Big Santa Anita Canyon. Although the waterfalls were dry, as a result of the drought, the scenery enraptured me still. The sun embraced me with its warmth, the breeze caressed my face, the trees waved hello to me and the birds performed beautiful melodies. Best of all, I had the opportunity to share my sanctuary with my love.

I know that my depression may persist throughout my life, but I refuse to cave into it. That’s why nature is so important to me. When I’m surrounded by the trees, or I’m high up on the hills or the mountains, all my worries go away.

Nature enrapture us.